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Math Picture Books

Over the course of my career as a classroom teacher and throughout my journey as a mother, I have developed a LOVE of picture books. I love reading books to students, picture books and chapter books.

What’s even better is when I would read books during our math time.

Some of my favorites are below:

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One Is A Snail, Ten Is A Crab : Grades 1-3… This is a terrific book to work on counting, various ways to make numbers, skip counting, and more. A favorite extension is to have students make pages they think are missing (teen numbers).

The Cookie Fiasco: Grades 3-7… This is a great story about 4 friends who have to share 3 cookies. It’s a great task for students to work through in groups. Don’t read the whole story to them. Read part of it and pause to give the students a chance to solve the problem for the friends. When I did this with my class, we then had cookies in class together.

There are so many good books to use in your math classroom/block. I’ve shared below a link to an ongoing list of picture books you can use in your classroom. The title, author, Amazon link, topics covered, and extension activities are all on the sheet. The books are in alphabetical order on the first sheet, but the 2nd sheet (see bottom of the file) is listed by topic.

Math Book Sheets File

If you’d like to share one or more of your favorite books to use in your math classroom/block, please let me know by filling out this Google Form. Math Picture Book Form

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