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Math Picture Puzzles

How is math learning showcased in your building? Does each teacher put up their own displays? Do you have building-wide displays for visitors to view? I love walking into buildings where you can see the learning taking place before you ever enter the classroom. Throughout my career I worked hard to improve what I put… Continue reading Math Picture Puzzles

Addition, Elementary Math, Holiday Math, Math Talk, Number Sense, Problem Solving

Puzzling Tree

Throughout my career I enjoyed doing activities and projects with my students that got them thinking and problem solving. I knew they were learning when there was progressive struggle. The students enjoyed this activity by the end of our time allotted for it, but there were moments of frustrations for sure. In many of my… Continue reading Puzzling Tree

Addition, Elementary Math, Holiday Math, Place Value, Subtraction

Holiday Shopping Project

As I have talked with my teacher friends and teachers that I work with, a common consensus is that the weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break are some of the roughest weeks of the school year. Procedures and routines need reviewed coming back from an extended time off, whether you had the whole week… Continue reading Holiday Shopping Project