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Digital Number Sense SUMmit 2023

It’s that time of year again! My friend Kristin, of Hilty Consulting, and I are hosting the 4th Annual Digital Number Sense Summit June 13-14. Every year this is one of our favorite things to do, put together a conference to fit the needs of what we are seeing in classrooms and what teachers are asking for.
This year all sessions fall into 2 tracks–Back to the Basics and Beyond the Basics. The Back to the Basics track is geared toward educators who haven’t had a lot of exposure to math professional development. We will go all the way back to developing part-part-whole relationships and build up to understanding multiple strategies for each operation with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  The Beyond the Basics sessions are geared toward educators who are ready for more!
We also have special guests joining us this year–John & Jane Felling from Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks will present a bonus session at the end of each day teaching everyone games that can be differentiated for all learners.
The Summit targets educators in grades K-5, special education teachers, administrators, support staff, and 6-8 grade teachers looking for remediation options. All attendees will receive access to all 7 recorded sessions for each day they are registered. Because of this, you DO NOT have to attend the live sessions if you have scheduling conflicts.
Please pass along the following information to anyone you think might be interested and let me know if you have any

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