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Digital Number Sense SUMmit 2023

It's that time of year again! My friend Kristin, of Hilty Consulting, and I are hosting the 4th Annual Digital Number Sense Summit June 13-14. Every year this is one of our favorite things to do, put together a conference to fit the needs of what we are seeing in classrooms and what teachers are… Continue reading Digital Number Sense SUMmit 2023

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Mathematical Vocabulary (Anchor Charts)- Part 4

Decorating classrooms is either a perk of being a teacher or just something else on our never-ending to do list. Some teachers love going into their classrooms over the summer months and creating some of the most magical spaces for student learning. Some teachers would rather not decorate their classrooms to look Pinterest worthy, and… Continue reading Mathematical Vocabulary (Anchor Charts)- Part 4

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Mathematical Vocabulary- Part 2

In my last vocabulary blog post I discussed the need for teachers and students to use proper mathematical vocabulary. I referenced the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice and how communication is key in students making sense of problems, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others, and modeling with mathematics. … Continue reading Mathematical Vocabulary- Part 2

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Mathematical Vocabulary Part 1

I often reference the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice when I am working with teachers. Regardless of the set of standards your school or district utilizes, the vast majority also include the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Mathematical Practice Standards are separate from content standards. The graphic below gives us an easy to understand breakdown.  … Continue reading Mathematical Vocabulary Part 1

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Creating a Math Community

Friends, it's the time of year that teachers are thinking about the return to school or you're already back and in the swing of things. First, I want to wish each and every one of you a great school year! I know that a lot of you that follow me here at Make Math Meaningful… Continue reading Creating a Math Community

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What is a mathematician?

To be honest, if you asked 100 different people you may get 100 different answers. What is a mathematician? For me this is a simple question. For students, this is quite tricky. At the start of every school year, for the past 9 or so years, I have given this question to each of my… Continue reading What is a mathematician?

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Welcome to Make Math Meaningful!!

I am so excited to welcome you on this journey of making math more meaningful, for not only students, but for teachers, administrators, and parents as well. My time in the classroom with students was a huge part of who I was for 17 years. In 2009, I attended a Singapore Math conference in Columbus,… Continue reading Welcome to Make Math Meaningful!!